< Audet Transcendere Mortis- Dare to go Beyond Death
  1. Sometimes I have revelations so clear and bright that it burns. 

    Today has brought me to the realization that I self harm…

    Binge eating until I can barely breathe, biting my fingernails to the quick until they bleed because it distracts me from other pain—doing the same by cutting my toenails too short…Because bleeding and throbbing pain somewhere anywhere else is always better than drowning in my mind. 

    Everyone just sees them as something else, but, really it’s more than poor impulse control. 

    Apparently, I’ve gotten so good at masking everything. 


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    Good Vibes HERE

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  5. “I knew nothing but shadows, and I thought them real.”
    Oscar Wilde, from The Picture of Dorian Gray (via clearing-at-dawn)

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    "More Human Than Human" by White Zombie

    "I am electric head, a cannibal core, a television said, yeah, do not vicitimize, read the motherfucker, psychoholic lies, yeah, into a psychic war, I tear my soul apart and I eat it some more…"

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    "The Pretender" by The Foo Fighters

    "I’m the voice inside your head, you refuse to hear, I’m the face that you have to face, mirrored in your stare…"

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    "Ænema" by Tool 

    "Time to bring it down again, don’t just call me a pessimist, try and read between the lines"

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    "Happy?" by Mudvayne

    "Left with a heart exhausted, what’s my release, what sets me free…"

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    "Faint" by the Linkin Park

    "But it’s like no matter what I do, I can’t convince you to just believe this is real"

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    "Megalomaniac" by Incubus

    "If I met you in a scissor fight, I’d cut off both your wings on principle alone…"

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    "The Hand That Feeds" by Nine Inch Nails 

    "Can you get up off our knees?  Are you brave enough to see?  Do you want to change it?"

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    "Feel So Numb" by Rob Zombie

    "Blacken the sun, what have I done, I feel so bad, I feel so numb…"

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    "Rooster" by Alice in Chains

    "You know he ain’t gonna die, no, no, no, you know we ain’t gonna die…"

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    "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)" by Chevelle 

    "Buying in, heading for, suffer now or suffer then, it’s bad enough, I want the fear… need the fear…"

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    "Hysteria" by Muse

    "It’s holding me, morphing me, and forcing me to strive, to be endlessly, cold within, and dreaming I’m alive…"

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